Pat Brisson - Author


to Your School

This Year!


- that books are written by ordinary people

  (something your students might do some day) and

- how a picture book goes from being an idea in someone's head

  to a finished product you can hold in your hands and read.

Your students will see . . .

- how an author prepares a manuscript

- what an editor's job is

- how the illustrator prepares a dummy

- what the galleys look like

- what a copy editor does

- how a full color picture book is printed

- and much more.

Pat's program features a slide presentation designed to show two things -

The program fee is $1000 per day, or

$1000 plus expenses if an overnight is required.

Write, call or email Pat for more information:

Pat Brisson

94 Bullman St., Phillipsburg NJ 08865


1925 poster for Children's Book Week

by Jon O. Brubaker