Pat Brisson - Author

My Aunt Agatha has a magic carpet. It's pink and blue with fringe on both ends. And it's just big enough for us to sit on together with our legs folded under us. Aunt Agatha says it came from China.

"How did it get here?" I ask.

Then she gets her smiley eyes and says, "I don't exactly know, Elizabeth. How do you suppose it got here?"

And the game begins.

"With the aid of their imaginations and an atlas, Elizabeth and Aunt Agatha make up characters and stories about how her Oriental carpet arrived here from China. ... A book that should stimulate youngsters to invent adventures while getting acquainted with an atlas." - School Library Journal

"Schwartz's (Bea and Mr. Jones; Annabelle Swift, Kindergartner) pictures are as filled with color and whimsy as the story Elizabeth helps to tell. Like this child, readers will want to hear it pieced together again and again--and perhaps be inspired to add their own embellishments. - Publisher's Weekly

ISBN 0-02-714340-6