Pat Brisson - Author

In addition to writing children's books, Pat also writes poetry for adults. A number of her poems have been published in poetry and literary magazines:

Answers - in Voices from Here 2, The Paulinskill Poetry Project, 2017

A Poem Walks into a Bar - Edison Literary Review, Vol. 16, Fall 2017

Death with a Slice of Cake - Paterson Literary Review, Issue 46, 2018

December Darkness - Halcyon Days, Issue 4, 2016

Masterful Hands - Edison Literary Review, Vol. 17, Fall 2018

Response to Today's Gospel - Presence: A Journal of Catholic Poetry, 2019

There is Still Hope - The Poeming Pigeon: "In the News", Vol. 4, Issue 1, No.7, 2018

Unforseen Good Fortune's Heirs Are We - The Society of Classical Poets, Journal 2017, Vol. 5

Pat has also had a number of poems published on-line at Your Daily Poem and some other sites.

From My Mother's Kitchen appeared on Your Daily Poem and Jama's Alphabet Soup. It also was used in an exhibit called "My Momma's Kitchen" at The Museum (Greenwood, SC).

Three of Pat's poems were published on-line by The Society of Classical Poets: Just Say No to Plastic Bottles, Remembering Frost on a Rued Day, and Jersey Sweet Corn. You can read these poems here.

You can see more of Pat's poetry at Your Daily Poem, including this one:

The Grandmother from Miles Away

I cannot look at your photo long enough,

my eyes lingering on the whorl of ear,

my imagination kissing your soft, pink cheek.

I picture your head in my hand,

my age spots against your perfect skin,

try to inhale your scent across the miles,

feel your warmth and weight against my breast,

remember your father

your size

in my arms

only moments ago.

© by Pat Brisson.

To see more of Pat's poetry at Your Daily Poem, go to the Your Daily Poem Archives and scroll down till you find her name!

Pat is available for Poetry Readings in New Jersey and eastern Pennsylvania. To arrange a reading of her poems, you may contact her at or by phone at 908-454-9455.