Pat Brisson - Author

A young girl's constant tap-dancing

drives everyone in her town crazy;

but by the end of the story,

the town has been transformed and

the people see things differently.

"Cote's appealing watercolor-and-gouache cartoon illustrations are lively and expressive, and portray a multicultural community. Fans of Brisson's Wanda's Roses (Boyds Mills, 1994) will enjoy this jazzy new protagonist. This toe-tapping tale will dance its way into the hearts of readers, who will appreciate its humor and the resourcefulness of its heroine." - School Library Journal

"A deliciously tall tale with an appealing young heroine, the story of Annabelle's troubles and triumph reads aloud well. Just as amusing are Cote's fanciful watercolor-and-gouache paintings of a multicultural, rural community--art that is varied in composition, exaggerated in characterization, and exuberant in spirit. Inspirational for children who feel driven to do what they love and great fun for everyone else." - Booklist

ISBN 1-59078-290-9