Pat Brisson - Author

A young boy's trip to the beach is told in rhyming analogies.

"Brisson introduces verbal analogies in a playful picture book that makes a game of connecting words in meaningful ways. The result is plenty of fun as well as a different way of thinking about the logical relationships between words, relationships phrased in a way that is closer structurally to mathematical equations than to everyday speech: 'Sun is to yellow / as cloud is to white. / Up is to down / as left is to right.' ... Younger children will be satisfied listening to the rhyming couplets bounce along, but older ones may enjoy the inherent challenge the rhymes present." - Booklist

"This celebration of words describes summertime fun. Each spread contains a pair of rhyming analogies, ... . [M]any of the comparisons are clever, such as 'Grains are to beach as drops are to sea./Gramps is to Dad as Dad is to me.' ... The bright, eclectic illustrations are infused with energy and include many amusing details–the dog reads a newspaper in a lounge chair, the boy rafts down a river past several African animals, a poodle in a convertible puts on makeup. Children will enjoy this cheery lesson on word relationships." - School Library Journal

ISBN 0-8050-7315-9