Pat Brisson - Author

Bertie had a loose tooth.

It was right in the front on the top.

He had already lost the tooth next to it.

He had lost the two bottom teeth, too.

Bertie wiggled the loose tooth

back and forth with his tongue.

He pushed it back and forth

with his bottom lip.

He poked it back and forth with his finger.

It hung on by a thread.

It would not fall out.

"In four quick-reading chapters, second-grade Bertie, who was introduced in Hot Fudge Hero ... is shown to be a good friend, a great brother, and an all-around nice boy. ... Early chapter-book readers will relish this child's unique, irrepressible personality. Bluthenthall's black-and-white cartoons add a real spirit of fun to the story. This is a surefire hit of a sequel." - School Library Journal

"Brisson, the author of Hot Fudge Hero (1997), lets kids in on a corollary to Murphy's Law: everything that can go wrong before school pictures are taken, will. ... The funny situations; the short, pithy text; and the sympathetic portrayal of sibling interplay combine to make this a very readable story. Diana Cain Bluthenthal's cartoonlike ink drawings, washed with grays, appear on every page, lightening the look of the pages and adding their own irrepressible humor." - Booklist

ISBN 0-8050-6281-5

Scholastic - 0-439-29164-X