Pat Brisson - Author

“Creatures receive their charming due in this bouncy collection of brief rhymes. The poems read and generally scan very well; each critter is the star of its own verse. Educators and parents will appreciate that the poems also provide interesting, easily digestible nuggets of scientific information. Delightful watercolor-and-ink cartoons add uncommon whimsy throughout and feature lush surroundings, shown additionally in lovely opening and closing spreads. An uncommon introduction to poetry.” - Kirkus Reviews

"The poems are light and fun, while the entertaining illustrations will draw in readers." - School Library Journal

"The illustrations are inviting and fun; what's not to love about a slug with eyes like those? The warning to aphids about the ladybug who will 'eat you up quite quickly, then/ she'll move along and eat your friend' made me laugh out loud and Common Critters will make you laugh too!" - Leslie Bulion, author of Leaf Litter Critters and Superlative Birds

The creatures that crawl, run, buzz and flit through your neighborhood are not only common, they are - literally - wild.

Enjoy these poems about the wildlife you see every day. You may never look at a critter quite the same way again!