Pat Brisson - Author

Brendan O'Doyle was on the way to his grandmother's house. He was bringing a tea party in his little red wagon. Hobbledy-clop, hobbledy-clop went the wagon over the bumps in the road. Hobbledy-clop, hobbledy-clop up the road to Grandma's.

"In this cumulative tale, Brendan O'Doyle journeys up the hill to surprise grandmother with a tea party. ... The story is told in the style of an old Irish folktale with repetition of "hobbledy-clop" to describe the little red wagon moving over the road. Chambliss's clear, watercolor cartoons, many of them spreads, show a happy group traveling past rolling green hills and a red barn to Grandma's little house and garden. The text and pictures blend well and the story rolls along at a leisurely pace. Good for storytime with the group joining in on the "hobbledy-clops" and also for one-on-one reading." - School Library Journal

ISBN 1-56397-888-1