Pat Brisson - Author

Stevie and his classmates share happy memories about Miss Perry, their beloved teacher, after she is killed in a car accident on the way to school.

"Miss Perry has been killed in a car accident. A grief counselor helps the students cope by asking for memories, and recalling their teacher's fondest wishes eases the children's pain. Although the title gives a clue, parents may pick this up by accident and get an unpleasant surprise mid-reading. But for children who are experiencing loss (even though this is one step removed from a family death), the story clearly makes the point that memory is an antidote for sadness. Sprightly ink-and-watercolor illustrations feature a multiethnic class, and capture Miss Perry with particular charm. Her smile lights up the pages." - Booklist

"A poignant story about loss. ... The delicate pen-and-ink, watercolor, and gouache illustrations reflect the varied emotions evoked by this treasured individual. This title fills a need for books that encourage healthy emotional expression." - School Library Journal

"Sunny colors and realistic situations touched with whimsy maintains an upbeat tone (e.g., a spread depicting the children's reminiscences features playful vignettes of bees and flowers with smiling faces). Brisson's tenderhearted tale offers a welcome opening for discussion of a difficult subject." - Publisher's Weekly

ISBN 0-8037-2981-2