Pat Brisson - Author

Dear Dr. Taverna,

I went to the World Watermelon Seed Spitting Contest today in Weatherford, and I thought of you because you're the only other person who ever wanted me to spit. You'd love this place. Everybody spits here, from little kids who can hardly walk, all the way up to old people (called smooth mouths because they can take out their false teeth).

The world record is 57' 8 1/2". I practiced for a long time, but the best I could do was 15' 2 1/4".

See you in September!

Your favorite patient,


"In Your Best Friend, Kate , (Bradbury, 1989), Brisson chronicles a young girl's Florida vacation through letters to her best friend, Lucy. This time, Kate accompanies Lucy and her family on a trip through four south-western states. ... Brown's cartoon-style illustrations remain consistent with the book's scrapbook feeling, while sketches of state flowers, birds, and trees unobtrusively add a few facts. A book that will be enjoyed by armchair travelers and families planning a similar trip, while social-studies and language-art teachers will find the book useful for curriculum support." - School Library Journal

ISBN 0-02-714345-7