Pat Brisson - Author

Dear Lucy,

This weekend we visited the wettest place in the continental United States - Olympic National Park. About 140 inches of rain fall here every year. That's enough to make a rain forest, with spruce, cedar, and fir trees, ferns, vines, and moss growing everywhere. It's called the Hoh Rain Forest. There is so much green stuff here that even the light seems green and all of the hard edges are softened by stuff growing over them.

Brian said, "I bet if I stood here long enough, vines and moss would grow all over me, too." And I said, "What a brilliant idea, Brian; and I think you owe it to science to stay here and carry out that experiment." But my mother said, "Really, Kate," and, of course, he came home with us.

Still your best friend,


"Kate, who was featured in Your Best Friend, Kate (1989) and Kate Heads West (1990, both Bradbury), is writing again, in her brisk epistolary style. ... Kate's letters and the accompanying illustrations effortlessly impart information to readers; it's not enough for reports, but fine as a handy child-paced guidebook or an exercise in the art of letter writing." - School Library Journal

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