Pat Brisson - Author

It was summer.

The morning sun poured through Hester's window.

Hester looked around her room ...

Her mother was right.

This room was a mess.

And she could not go out

to play with her friends

until it was all cleaned up. ...

She looked at the mess

and felt sorry for herself.

Then her little sister, Edna, walked in ...

Hester got an idea.

"With a keen use of detail, Brisson ... explores the bittersweet relationship between sisters in this entry in the Redfeather Chapter Book series. Four independent chapters allow readers a glimpse into the world of Hester and Edna, big sister and little sister, respectively. ... Brisson deftly captures the nuances of the dynamics of older/younger sibling interactions. The light and humorous treatment of the subject is also reflected in Bluthenthal's comic illustrations. Brief sentences and realistic scenarios offer emerging readers an opportunity to reach beyond picture books to further develop their skills." - Kirkus Reviews

ISBN 0-8050-5887-7

Scholastic - 0-439-21940-X