Pat Brisson - Author

Jerome's mom is in the Navy. When she goes to sea, she kisses him good-bye and tells him to be brave. Jerome and his dog, Duffy, miss her a lot. Sometimes they are afraid. Sometimes they get into trouble. But, sometimes they are brave.

"Written in short, simple words that read aloud well, the believably childlike narrative tells of Jerome's pleasures, frustrations, and worries. ... Creating a vivid and ultimately moving portrayal of Jerome's life while his mother is away, this picture book is sure to resonate strongly with children whose parents are on active duty in the military and with many other readers as well." - Booklist

The combined effect of the watercolors and Brisson's ... bluntly honest prose is powerful ... . [Kids] in Jerome's situation - and those curious about how it feels to be there - should find this book immensely comforting and reassuring." - Publisher's Weekly

"Brisson's ... text is straightforward and clearly intended to reassure young children in similar situations. ... Broussard's watercolor illustrations are realistic with a varied perspective that adds interest. ... Earnest and effective." - Kirkus Reviews

ISBN 978-1-59078-586-7