Pat Brisson - Author

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Let's celebrate teachers, bus drivers, grocery clerks, mail carriers, and all other folks who make our communities better with their caring and their work. And don't forget kids who are kind and brave and help each other. They're heroes too.

Heroes make the world a better place. Be a hero!

"A celebration of the everyday heroes who keep our world running smoothly. ...Brisson and Semirdzhyan follow a young child in a red polka-dot dress and blue vest and their caretaker - both brown-skinned - as they move through their diverse city. Bouncy rhyming verses identify the heroes they see, only one of whom (a pizza delivery person) wears a superhero costume. These heroes cook and serve food, drive buses, haul away garbage, deliver mail, cut hair ... The child points out that when kids are 'brave or generous', they are heroes, too. 'You be there for me // and I'll be there for you.' ...The single- and double-page spreads show readers the many friendly faces of heroes." - Kirkus Reviews

ISBN 978-0-88448-936-8