Pat Brisson - Author

The American Academy of Pediatrics recommends that babies sleep on their backs and play on their tummies to develop crucial muscles while lifting their heads and upper bodies. This lively board book unfolds accordion-style in a floor-standing arc around a tummy-time baby’s head.

Infants will lift their heads to see the beautiful faces surrounding them, and toddlers will love the photos of diverse babies long after they’ve outgrown tummy time. The simple, gentle verses are perfect for engaging babies and encouraging their verbal skills.  

Tummy Time Friends has been selected by Raising Readers―a nonprofit organization of pediatricians and early-reading specialists―to give to every Maine infant at the four-month-old wellness check.

Tummy Time Friends has also been selected by the Carnegie Library of Pittsburgh as one of its ten 2021 Best Books for Babies. The list is "a nationally recognized guide assisting parents, teachers and caregivers in selecting quality materials to share with babies age birth to 18 months."

"Babies and their caregivers will delight in the gentle rhyme and endearing photos of a bevy of babies, bellies down, heads held high, gazing soulfully back at them." - Judy Freeman, Children's Literature Consultant

"Possibly the best board book for babies I've seen in years." - Elizabeth Bird; 31 Days, 31 Lists: 2020 Board Books; a School Library Journal blog

"Tummy Time Friends is a delightfully interactive board book, full of beautiful baby faces and simple, gentle text. It is extra special because it unfolds, accordion-style, in a floor-standing arc and can be set up around a baby during tummy time. The photographs of baby faces will encourage babies to lift their heads to see. And toddlers will love to look at the faces even after they've outgrown tummy time!" - Madison Public Library, Madison, WI

Pat Brisson's dedication of Tummy Time Friends: "This book is dedicated to newborn children everywhere with the hope that they will always be surrounded by love and grow up in a world committed to peace and justice for everyone."

An accordion-style board book that will encourage and enhance your baby's tummy time!

When babies lift their heads and upper bodies while lying on their tummies, they are developing crucial muscles. Unfolded on the floor during tummy time, this freestanding book will inspire infants to lift their heads to see the beautiful faces surrounding them. And best of all, your baby's curious, growing brain will be engaged right along with his or her muscles.